Quality in Career Guidance – Preparing Guidance Practitioners for Quality Assurance

This article was co-authored by Andrea Csirke, Claudia Liebeswar, Alice Müllerová, Karen Schober and Tomáš Šprlák and was published in the proceedings of the 2019 IAEVG International Conference

In the article, the development of a Mentoring Programme supporting career guidance practitioner’s (CGP) certification is presented, together with specific examples of designed tools and activities including a certification framework and self-assessment tools. A goal of the mentoring programme is to support experienced career guidance practitioners to comply with the requirements of a quality standard and quality assurance systems and to prepare them for an individual certification process as CGP.

The project started with data collection in an analytical paper about quality assurance systems and their implementation in the European partner countries who participated in the project followed by the design of a preliminary version of the programme that underwent two phases of testing. The final version of the Mentoring Programme contains 21 different modules including teaching guidelines together with worksheets for participants and guidelines for mentors. It is designed as a flexible “cafeteria model” in order to best fit the needs of the different target groups. Feedback from Austrian, Czech, German, and Slovak practitioners will be presented.

The Mentoring Programme and the tools for a certification framework were developed within the ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership “Improving the implementation of quality assurance in career guidance (QUAL-IM-G)”. Nine partner organisations from seven European countries were involved in the project (Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, UK) coordinated by Slovakia.

Full-text article available on this link.