Pilot phase for the mentoring program realized jointly with Slovak and Czech associations

The mentoring program partners developed within the QUAL-IM-G project was proposed to more than 20 counsellors from Slovakia and Czech republic from 9th to 13th January 2019. These first candidates for newly created national accreditation for guidance counsellors tested all the developed modules. The mentoring was conducted jointly by Slovak and Czech associations for career guidance and career development and participants had access to an experimental self-assessment tool that helped them identify the strengths and weaknesses of their practice.

How did the participants evaluate the usefulness of different modules?

ModuleScore (higher is better)
Mission and vision4.56
Outputs and outcomes4.44
Reflection of own practice and quality development4.33
Intake and contracting4.31
Networking and partnerships4.19
Decision making and action planning4.17
Theoretical basis4.06
Basis in counselling3.87
Labour market3.56
Personnalization and equality3.47
Distance counselling3.18

The overall feedback was very positive, although some participants deemed that the very intense program didn’t leave sufficient space for self reflection. In terms of delivery, participants prefer a flexible blended model – with individual preparation in advance and then one-day group seminar focused on peer-learning and reflections.

Extensive feedback will be used to adapt the mentoring program to final version. It will be available for download on this website.