O2: Mentoring program

Mentoring/training program allows practitioners to comply with a quality standard. It contains recommendations as well as concrete training modules and other activities that allow the counsellor to develop skills and competences in areas required in most of the QA practices focused on individual counsellor. From the delivery point of view, the mentoring programme will combine elements of physical presence with virtual tools.

Available modules (preliminary version):

Core programme:

  • Mission statement and vision
  • Ethics
  • Networking and partnerships
  • Building a career portfolio
  • Evidence based practice
  • Quality assuring career guidance
  • Outcomes of guidance

Supplementary programme

  • Intake, needs analysis
  • Assessments & Career testing
  • Career management skills
  • Gender
  • Marketing
  • Theoretical basics / Action Planning
  • Measuring feedback and impact
  • Social Outcomes
  • Using Labour Market Information
  • Decision-making techniques and Personality
  • Management basics
  • Personalization of the service
  • Reflection of own practice
  • Career guidance at a distance


Core programme (EN)

Supplementary programme programme (EN)